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Except what your parents’ point of view is, the rest of the viewpoints about bloggers are customizable and you can change the destiny of what you can achieve with blogging and its activity from called “blahg” to collecting a sizable number of followers and income. Most of the beginner blogs are created from free blogging services on the internet with limited customization levels and are of average quality at best. But to be able to become a true master of your own blog, you will need to understand how to install and use blogging software like Word press and use it to customize your blog. The First Series of our work showed the importance of blogging software, now we are here to teach you how to install Word Press and use it to aid your blogging.



The Steps 

So, to truly achieve your journey of satisfactory blogging, you must start now and don’t take a break until it’s all done because the average time to set up WordPress is less than 25 minutes and is fairly simple in practice (even if it all seems complex geeky stuff) so don’t give up like fluffy here. Following are the major steps involved in setting up WordPress:

1) Have a fully functional Operating system and good internet access.

2) Have a web hosting account (If you don’t have, you can always make one easily by Googling and following simple instructions.

3) Select My SQL Database of any later version to store your data in it.

4) Download and install the Word Press software on this web hosting account using FTP client for better uploading.

5) A simple text editor like Notepad or WordPad ( Both come pre installed with windows)

6) (Optional) Install a blogging test platform if you want. This platform will simulate the effects of the produced by Word 7) Press as appearing in the blog and you can judge it and modify it as you want.

7) (Optional) Install an image editor to create your customized appearance of the blog,

8) Open your host account and blog away.

9) First you have to make sure that your internet and operating system are good to go. Then you will get hold of a hosting account on any of the free web hosting services on the internet and chose a suitable one according to your usage and monetary options.

BLog DEsc

The main thing behind every WordPress Blog is a MySQL database like above that manages and contains all the posts on your blog. You can do this by logging into your hosting service’s control panel and see a listing of MySQL Databases, click on it and create a new Database named anything you want. Also type in a new user name and password and create.

Now we upload the WordPress files to the user account, if you don’t have the files, download them by searching from Google. Find a file named wp-config-sample.php rename it wp-config.php and open it in text viewer and put your name and ID in places already earmarked. Now upload these WordPress files to the account. Login to your account, locate where you uploaded the files and click install WordPress. This should complete the initial installation. To customize your entries, you can now open this WordPress and use its various tools. Such interface is:

In the next post, we will tip you how to promote your blog and make it pronounced enough to be eligible for Google Adsense. Stay tuned.

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