How To Make A Blog- The Promotions


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So by now you have started using WordPress to develop and maintain your blogs. You spend hours thinking of stuff you are going to blog and imagine the applause you are going to get for your insights but most of the time you end up refreshing your blog page again and again for those precious comments and recognition that you craved but you don’t find much of them except for the family and friends you have forced to follow and they grudgingly do. What went wrong here? Your stuff is awesome but no one is reading it so what you have to do is to advertise it properly and reach out to the masses extensively using any worthy way that you come across.

How To Make A Blog- The Promotions (1)

How to Promote Your Blog?? 

Here we are going to give you a host of well tested ways to improve your blog traffic. These include several creative and out of the box ways to make your blog more appealing and easy to the eye and the platforms and techniques through which you can reach out to maximum population.


 Creative Ways 

  • Audio Introduction and Video

By introducing an attractive and innovative audio introduction at the start of the blog, you can garner the immediate (even if short while) attention of the blog reader and that few seconds can be crucial to your success as a blogger so always try to go for it. There are many apps available for this in the market such as Dubbler. Couple it with an improvised and funny animation; you have the ideal ingredients of a good start. One thing however should be kept in mind and that is you have to continuously update and modify them.

  • Create a few second Preview of Each Post and slide share Overview

After your blog is starting to become recognized, you have to increase the hype and anticipation of each post which you are uploading and one simple way of doing this is to create a short preview of each post and keep them hungry for more. A good slide share would be a good thing too.

  • Always Keep in Mind the Target Audience While Posting

The most important thing to keep in mind is to always keep target audience in your thoughts while blogging. They can be Sci-fi nerds, TVD lovers or gadget junkies.


 Ways to reach out to People  

  • Social Media

Okay so first thing that pops in your mind is social media. I know many of you have tried it and it didn’t work but hey! 400 million people are there on Facebook alone and by tedious hard work you can achieve your traffic goals. Same goes for twitter and LinkedIn.

How To Make A Blog- The Promotions

How To Make A Blog- The Promotions

  • Guest Posting and Bookmarking Sites

There are many blogs that accept guest postings so make a habit of guest posting on some important blogs. Such blogs can easily be found by searching Google. Same goes for bookmarking sites. If only once your blog went viral on any of these sites, you will have a ridiculous amount of traffic heading your way for some time.

  • Massive Email List 

Okay I get it, people consider it spamming and many delete it straight away but there is a chance with good topics under discussion and nice blog outlook, you can capture a lot of audience through it. So start building up your Email list!

  • Through Link Building

By linking external blogs to your own you can achieve a good amount of traffic. Try link commenting too.

  • Enabling Email this post

This smart feature will also help to increase your viewers by allowing them to sned it through emails.

  • Blog Away

Don’t over exert yourself in blogging but do continue doing it regularly because even a single interesting post can make you famous!

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