5 Most Popular Social Media Sites Where You Can Share Your Content

Social media plays a vital role in marketing your products and services. These are the platforms that spread awareness of your work to people in your contacts. There are so many social media outlets now that it is cumbersome to open each and post the content separately. Fortunately, there are sophisticated tools that solve this problem of social media marketing. Now you can integrate your social media accounts at one place and put your content in just one attempt to all of them saving your precious time. There are numerous tools for social media management of which I prefer following 5 tools.


Hootsuite works the best in case of Twitter accounts. It keeps track of the Twitter accounts and helps identification of trending keywords on micro-blogging platforms. These keywords will be quite useful for future reference using HootSuite for scheduling Tweets. You can also integrate Facebook, Foursquare, Linkedin, MySpace and Google+ accounts via HootSuite dashboard and manage them from a single platform. This tool is available in three versions i.e. Free, Enterprise and Pro. You can choose the package suitable to your Tweets scheduling requirements





Buffer is quite easy social media management and marketing tool. It creates a virtual queue for your marketing ideas over the period of the day and then puts the stuff on your social media. It is user friendly since no technical set up is required. The content is lined up for your social media and buffer looks after the sharing process. Creating a free account is possible for buffer but there is limit to accounts that you integrate using buffer and also number of spaces that you can stagger into virtual queue is also limited.You can add Buffer to your browser as extension so that it can be accessed very easily anytime




Tweetdeck has been made by one of the most powerful social networking websites i.e. Twitter. It is very much renowned for its simplicity and flexibility. Although, Tweetdeck is specifically designed for Twitter but you can also integrate Facebook with it. This tool is compatible with a lot of operating systems’ versions and you can also download version of Chrome browser application. All the news feed from the social media accounts are received via this tool and then filtered for important information as desired by the user. Tweetdeck allows you to monitor your Facebook and Twitter accounts.



SocialOomph is a valuable social media marketing tool that is free and paid for hosts. You can easily connect your blog to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace etc. There are options of tracking keywords and scheduling tweets. It allows you to follow automatically the people who are following you on Twitter. This feature will save a lot of time for you in case you normally like to follow your followers.

social oomph


As obvious from the name of the tool, TweetBeep works with the Twitter to alert you whenever there is any activity is associated with your account. This tool automatically forwards all the important messages to your email. This tool allows you to keep track of what other people think about your brand and products via social media. It can judge the popularity of your products by tracking the mentions of your products. Best feature about this tool is that it is free of cost. Premium users can subscribe at the rate of 20$ per month and this account can track trending keywords on Twitter to allow you to plan your future Tweets. You can always reply to Tweets faster and keep a firm grip on Twitter account’s activities.



Let me know if you have any other than these listed out here.

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