5 Best Free Widgets For Your Blog

Blogging is become increasingly popular among internet users. Owing to its enhanced reputation, tips for improving the blogs have become quite valuable. The interaction with audience of the blog must be provided with all the latest advancements in web. The basic thing that must be learnt regarding blogs is to add suitable widgets to your blog. These widgets carry significant importance in the realm of blogs since they help the audience in navigating easily though your blog and allows the blogger to increase his/her network.

There are many free widgets that add value to your blogs. I would recommend using these five widgets.

 1. Social Pages

It is of utmost importance to link your social networking pages with your blog so that visitors see your social pages through your blogs. This widget helps increasing your social circle and broadens your network. Whenever, you update your blog, you can always post that on your social pages to invite your friends to read your blog posts. The blog visitors can subscribe to your social pages through the widget and get regular updates as you make changes. This widget must be placed at visible position inside the blog so that visitors can easily access your social page.

 2. Search Box 

The term of ‘Search Box’ is very much common in the realm on blogger that provides user the options to navigate through your website easily. It enhances the probability of users spending more time on your blog since they are able to find what they are looking for and don’t leave the blog early. The searching option is generally used for larger websites with plenty of content. This widget will provide ease for the readers. The searching algorithm should be efficient so that readers find their desired content easily without having to navigate manually through all posts

 3. Email Subscription Widget 

This widget keeps your readers updated about your latest blog posts. There could be various pages in your blog and each page has different type of contents. It is quite possible that readers may want filtered traffic coming to their emails. This widget allows subscription to pages of particular type to be mailed to readers of blog as soon as they are updated. Readers can unsubscribe any time if they feel the updates are not according to their demands.

sub via email

 4. WIKIPEDIA Search Box Widget 

This widget allows your readers to enter into a pool of knowledge. If readers fail to understand anything in the blog posts, they can always consult this widget to find related meanings and articles on the specific terms. Moreover, blog posts may refer to some particular incident in history and reader has no idea about it. He can always search through WIKIPEDIA to get information about that particular event. This widget will be very useful for those blogs which share precious information and knowledge for their readers


 5. Label Widget  

This widget allows filtering of blog posts and keeps them in organized manner. Through this widget, reader can easily identify that which posts could be in which labels. The labels are selected as a broad category that contains similar posts. For example, blog posts related to Facebook and Twitter will be posted in label of social networking sites. This widget allows the blogger to manage his data properly.

Although there could be plenty more widgets that add value to your blogs and may be advantageous for your readers but I would recommend the aforementioned widgets. They play a significant role in enhancing the traffic of your blog as well as your circle of contacts.

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