10 Effective Ways How To Improve WordPress Blog Security?


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As the trend for blogging is growing every single day, hackers are continuously trying to breach the security barriers of websites. It is common to find malware and fake links that expose information about your blog or website to potential thieves. In spite of rapid growth in the number of online hacks per day, only a few people are concerned with their blog security and take steps to find remedy of the problem. Some important tools to improve your blog security are presented below.

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5 Secrets to Promote Your Site Via Forum

 1. Backup Your Blog   

You must backup all the data, programs and codes of your blog to avoid losing precious information in case your website gets hacked. It is also possible that you lose data mistakenly while making changes to your blog. Backing up your blog information is quite easy with the help of plug-ins. The most popular plug-in is BACKWPup for WordPress blogs. This free plug-in will save all your data into a single compressed file that you can save anywhere you want.

 2. Hide Version of Blog  

You don’t need to display the version of your blogs in which your html code is running. Potential hackers can easily find security loopholes in older versions of blogs like WordPress. It is not difficult to get into the vulnerabilities of a website and hence internet thieves can utilize older version blogs to post spam links.

 3. Change your Username from ‘admin’  

It was standard in older versions of blogs like Word Press to assign a common user name to all blog creators until you change it manually. It has been observed that hackers try to steal the blogs by attempting username of ‘admin’ and commonly used passwords. It is also possible to add an optional captcha for avoiding brute force attack to your blog.

 4. Limit Login Attempts  

You should put a limit to unsuccessful attempts to your website or blog. This will make sure that your website is not hacked by randomly tried passwords.

 5. Reliable Hosting  

People are usually attracted to free things. However, in the world of blogs, it is difficult to find quality things for free. You should go for secure web hosting blogging sites like WordPress.

 6. Update the Version of Blogs  

Older versions contain loopholes which are threatening for security of the blogs. Always look for the updates of your blog. WordPress is now updated to version 3.6.

 7. Use Proper Themes for Blogs  

The themes for your blogs play a key role in strengthening the security aspects against data theft or spamming. You should use those themes that have built in firewall protections, secure html codes and other algorithms to avoid getting hacked. These features could be researched and some money should be invested on themes since free themes are vulnerable to malware attacks.

 8. Use Security Plug-ins  

There are plenty of plug-ins for enhancing the security of your websites from hackers. One of the best plug-in for WordPress is ‘Wordfence’. It scans all the data of your website and checks whether there is any malware or spam link inside blog content.

 9. Use Suitable Firewall  

Firewall is used to protect blogs against any malware or malicious data. It is used to scan all the content of the blog against potentially dangerous applications and removes them to save your precious information. The most famous Firewall for WordPress is OSE scanner.

 10. Block Direct Access to Directories  

Even if the hacker gets into your blog, you should have arrangement for stopping him getting into your personal directories by setting up additional password settings for them.

Hence blogging is simply not just putting the information on a page; it involves deeper attention of people to prevent their data from getting theft.

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